Saturday, August 28, 2010

More Stuff!!

Here is some more stuff I found this weekend.

All of the following magazines are $5

JCS Ornament Preview 2008
JCS Halloween Issue 2008
JCS Ornament Issues 1996
Cross Stitch and Needlework Cross-Stitch Ornaments 1996
BH&G Cross-Stitch Christmas 1996
JN Octagonal Peacock w/accessory pak $8
JN Noah's Needle w/accessory pak $7
JN Christmas Joy $3
JN Legacy w/accessory pak $6
JN Christman Elegance $4
JN Great Expectations w/accessory pak $5
JN Snowfire Christmas w/accessory pak $6
JN Christmas Memories w/accesory pak $7

Designs by Gloria and Pat

Priscilla's Precious Bears $2
17th Century Style Band Sampler $6
A Cross Stitch Lesson for Beginners $2
It's the Thought That Counts $2

LA Thomas Kinkade Spring at Stonegate $2
LA Thomas Kinkade Chandler's Cottage $2
LA Thomas Kinkade The Rose Arbor Cottage @
LA Guardian Angel (on bridge) $2
LA Guardian Angel (on rock cliff) $2

Cross 'n Patch Emie Bishop Celebrating the Seasons $5

Paula Vaughn Summers Remembered $2
Paula Vaughn The Upstairs Sewing Room $2
The Best of Paula Vaughn Book Two $15
Paula Vaughn Through A Mother's Eyes $5
Paula Vaughn A Mother's Love $10

Check it out and see if there is anything you just can't live without!

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  1. I would love the 1997 JCS Ornament Issue if it's still available. Please email your address. Thank you!